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Superior Tree Stump Removal
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Helping customers say “Bye Stump” for good!

Superior Tree Stump Removal is a tree Stump Removal business that uses a stump grinding machine to grind a tree stump out of the ground. There is no stump to big or small, tough access is usually not a problem, and the more the merrier! We can grind down to 25” below ground level to allow for replanting in the same spot. We offer grind only or grind and haul away of excess mulch created during the removal process. We would be honored to earn your business.
Jeff Michalek
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Thornton’s Tree Care Professionals consists of a team of professional arborists, tree surgeons, tree doctors, and overall tree care experts that can’t be matched elsewhere. We’ve been in the industry for years, serving our community with nothing but the best in tree care services. We’re committed to the idea of providing our clients with quality tree care services that keep their trees looking beautiful, remaining safe, and maintaining overall health. Our reputation is built on our satisfactory work that we’ve provided to our clients and the quality services we continue to exhibit in each of our projects. We’re always trying to improve trees’ livelihood, whether it is at your home, business, or in a public space, we’re here to offer the assistance in tree care.

Our tree care professionals have spent the past few years dedicating our expertise to the upkeep of trees, educating the community on how to treat trees, and serving our clients to the best of our ability with quality tree services. If you’re interested in learning more about how our tree care professionals can positively contribute to the health and maintenance of your trees, you can get in contact with one of our service representatives. At the moment, we’re available to provide the following services: Thornton’s Tree Care Professionals; tree pruning, tree removal; stump grinding; tree health care; and consulting.

Thornton Tree Removal
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